250 Douglas Place

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250 Douglas Place
250 Douglas Place, Garvey Center, night.jpg
250 Douglas Place
General information
Status Complete
Type commercial office, residential, restaurant
Location Wichita, Kansas
Coordinates 37°41′13″N 97°20′25″W / 37.68694°N 97.34028°W / 37.68694; -97.34028Coordinates: 37°41′13″N 97°20′25″W / 37.68694°N 97.34028°W / 37.68694; -97.34028
Completed 1969
Opening 1969
Roof 262 ft (80 m)
Technical details
Floor count 26

250 Douglas Place (also known as the Garvey Center[1]) is a high-rise apartment community. It is the second tallest building in Wichita as well as in the state of Kansas.

From 1969 until 1989, it was the tallest building in Wichita, until the Epic Center was constructed. The edifice still has the highest number of floors of any building in the state.[2]

In August 1976, Michael Soles, an unemployed welder from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, set up a sniper position on the roof of the Holiday Inn Plaza, as the building was then named. Over the course of an eleven-minute shooting spree, he killed 3 and wounded 6. The gunman was wounded by police and taken into custody.[3]

The building appeared the 1976 film King Kung Fu (a low budget knock-off of King Kong).[4]

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