25 Fontes Falls

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25 Fontes Falls
25 Fontes Falls on Madeira, Portugal
Location Serrado, Ribeira da Janela, Madeira, Portugal
Total height 30m

The 25 Fontes ("25 Springs" in English) is a group of waterfalls located in Serrado, Ribeira da Janela, near the town of Porto Moniz in the Madeira Islands.

The waterfall is 30m high, consisting of a group of different water streams coming vertically down the mountainside. At its foot there are rocks covered in small plants and a small natural pool.

It is involved in the primitive forest Laurisilva of Madeira, in the Macaronesia archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. The forest in this location consists of large quantities of bay trees.

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Coordinates: 32°45′56″N 17°07′32″W / 32.7655132°N 17.1254894°W / 32.7655132; -17.1254894