28 Weeks Later: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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28 Weeks Later: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
28 Weeks Later Soundtrack.jpg
Soundtrack album by John Murphy
Released June 12, 2007 (2007-06-12) (original)
June 2, 2009 (2009-06-02) (limited ed.)
Genre Soundtrack
Length 50:28
Label Fox Music
Producer John Murphy & Michael Gerhard
28 Days Later chronology
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28 Weeks Later: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

28 Weeks Later: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the accompanying soundtrack for 2007 film of the same name, composed by John Murphy. It was released on June 12, 2007, exclusively to iTunes.com.[1] On June 2, 2009, a limited edition a CD of 1500 copies (which included an interview with Murphy as the final track), was released by La-La Land Records.[2]

iTunes track listing[edit]

All tracks written by John Murphy.

1."28 Theme"3:57
2."Welcome to Britain"2:25
3."Helicopter Chase"1:41
4."Fire-bombing London"2:38
5."Theme 1"1:53
6."Walk to Regents Park"2:54
7."Kiss of Death"2:53
8."Don Abandons Alice"2:59
9."London Deserted"2:24
10."Go Go Go!"2:10
11."Theme 2"2:33
12."Knock Knock - Cottage Attack"2:30
13."Night Watch"1:56
14."Code Red"2:29
15."Going Home"2:38
16."Tammy Kills Her Dad"2:20
17."Crowd Breaks Out"1:48
19."Leaving England"2:36
20."End Credits (Theme 3)"2:38

2009 La-La Land Records Album[edit]

1."Cottage Attack"2:34
2."28 Theme"3:31
3."Welcome to Britain"2:25
4."Firebombing London"2:35
5."London Deserted"2:23
6."Kiss of Death"2:52
7."Scooter Through London"3:16
8."Going Home"2:37
9."Alice is Alive!"2:23
10."Don Abandons Alice"2:57
11."Night Watch"1:56
12."Go Go Go!"2:10
13."Code Red"2:30
14."Walk to Regents Park"2:53
16."Crowd Break Out"1:49
17."The Depot"3:17
18."Helicopter Mayhem"4:27
19."Andy's Theme"1:53
21."Leaving England"2:37
22."Hymn to England"2:38
23."John Murphy Interview"13:08


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