2 More Loves

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2 More Loves
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 23, 2006
LabelRock Records
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2 More Loves

2 More Loves is an album released by 2moro. The album remains first, only and final full-length album through Rock Records.

The album features previously debut self-titled (or 雙胞胎的初回盤) EP, it contains five songs, as well as nine new songs.

Track listing[edit]

2 More Loves
1."大明星狂想曲 (Da Ming Xing Kuang Xiang Qu)" (Daydreaming Of Being A Superstar)7:20
2."男生女生配 (Nan Sheng Nu Sheng Pei)" (Boys Match Girls)4:38
3."圍巾" (Scarf)4:16
4."朋友出去走走" (Hangout With Friends)3:42
5."被騙了" (Cheated)4:19
6."找到你" (Found You)4:10
7."牽著妳" (Holding You)4:03
8."塔基拉BON" (Tequila Bon)4:05
9."兩個我" (Two Of Me)4:27
10."少了" (Less)3:31
11."刺激2006" (Hit 2006)4:49
12."初吻" (First Kiss)3:08
13."夏天不打烊" (No Closing In Summer)3:35
14."Shabu Shabu" (OT: Dragostea Din Tei)3:37

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