35th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

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35th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Tennessee 1861 proposed.svg
Flag of Tennessee
Active 1861–1865
Country  Confederate States of America
Allegiance  Confederate States Army
Branch Army of Tennessee
Type Infantry
Benjamin Jefferson Hill

The 35th Tennessee Infantry Regiment or Thirty-Fifth Tennessee was an infantry regiment from Tennessee that served with the Confederate States Army in the American Civil War. The unit was disbanded as a result of General Joseph E. Johnston's surrender to General William T. Sherman on April 26, 1865 in Greensboro, North Carolina.


The 35th Tennessee was organized on September 11, 1861 at Camp Smartt near McMinnville, TN in Warren County.

Originally organized as the 1st Tennessee Mountain Rifle Regiment and then the 5th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. In November, 1861 it was notified to become the 35th Tennessee because another regiment was organized as the 5th Tennessee some four months prior in West Tennessee.

The Regiment consisted of men from these counties in Southeast Middle Tennessee.

Original Officers[edit]

Colonel - Benjamin Jefferson Hill
Lt. Colonel - John L. Spurlock
Major/Adjutant - Joseph Brown
Surgeon - Dr. William C. Barnes
Assistant Surgeon - Dr. James M. Bell
Assistant Surgeon- Dr. J.W. Wooten
Quartermaster - Capt. O.F. Brewster
Commissary - Capt. James S. Gribble
Chaplain - Rev. David B. Ritchey
Lt.Sgt - Willem Campbell


Notable battles fought in include Shiloh and Chickamauga.[1]

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