37th Dogras

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37th Dogras
Active 1887-1922
Country Indian Empire
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Part of Bengal Army (to 1895)
Bengal Command
Uniform Scarlet; faced yellow
Engagements Chitral Expedition
World War I

The 37th Dogras were an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army. They could trace their origins to 1887, when they were raised as the 37th (Dogra) Bengal Infantry.[1]

The regiment took part in the Chitral Expedition in 1895 and World War I. During World War I the regiment was in the 14th Indian Division and took part in the Second Battle of Kut and the Capture of Baghdad during the Mesopotamia Campaign.[2]

After World War I the Indian government reformed the army moving from single battalion infantry regiments to multi-battalion regiments.[3] In 1922, the 37th Dogras became the 1st Battalion (Prince of Wales's Own) 17th Dogra Regiment. The regiment was allocated to the new Indian Army on independence.

Predecessor names[edit]

  • 37th (Dogra) Bengal Infantry - 1887
  • 37th Dogra Infantry - 1901
  • 37th Dogras - 1903


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