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3K Battery is a brand of automotive and motorcycle batteries in Thailand and other international markets. The products are marketed by Thai Storage Battery Public Company Limited (SETBAT-3K, ABBV: TSB), which manufactures and distributes these batteries. TSB was established on 10 June 1986.

The company recently delayed a major investment in Thailand due to investor pressures. The company's shares (BAT-3K) are traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).[1]

The 3K Battery Company has become known in many parts of the world through their creative promotional outlets. In the United States, the 3K Battery name may be attributed more towards boxing than batteries, as TSB contracts Thai boxers to sponsor their products. The fighters, in turn, change their names to promote the brand. Sponsored fighters often fight under the last name of "3K Battery". The 3K Battery is a common Thai boxing name and parallels Sor Vorapin, a name which several fighters share due to their affiliation with the Sor Vorapin Muai Thai and boxing gym. Some of the fighters who fight under the 3K Battery banner include:

The company also extends its brand by promoting Asian television programs.


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