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3rd Stone is a defunct British magazine devoted to "archaeology, folklore and myth" and dealing with Earth mysteries.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was originally published under the title of Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries (G.E.M.) magazine, founded by Danny Sullivan in the mid-1980s, and the name was changed to 3rd Stone magazine in 1986.[1] The magazine was based in Cheltenham.[2] Neil Mortimer took over as editor in 1995, and edited the magazine until its closure in 2003.

3rd Stone absorbed At the Edge magazine in 1998[3] before itself ceasing publication in 2003.[4] Aubrey Burl, Ed Krupp,[5] John Michell, Paul Devereux, Jeremy Harte,[relevant? ] Rodney Castleden[relevant? ] and Stan Beckensall are among the authors who contributed to the magazine.[6] Timothy Darvill, in reviewing The Modern Antiquarian, mentioned that The 3rd Stone followed "much the same path [as that book], and [had] a rapidly increasing subscription base and considerable public following" and that it carried "articles by a wide range of authors and gives each equal weight."[7]

3rd Stone ceased publication with issue 47 published in 2003.[8]

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