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40 BunarFest is an annual non traditional festival of alternative sport held in Prizren, a city in southern Kosovo, and it is organized by Shoqni e Sportistve t'kfillt ("Society of Sober Sportsmen"). It features rafting through the Lumbardhi (Prizrenska Bistrica) river using tractor-tire inner tubes. The year 2008 saw the fourth edition of the festival with nearly 70 participants in the race, during the day of festival various DJ-s performed in the center of Prizren. The festival also publishes a comic book every year when it's held,[1] subject of the book changes every year and it includes various persona from the old urban legends of Prizren.

Winners of 40 Bunar Fest[edit]

Place / Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Fitim Vogël Kastriot Kelmendi Emir Shuki Kastriot Kelmendi Gökhan Birda Kastriot Kelmendi
2 Taner Celina Denis Koçbashli Erdin Braha Dardan Berisha Neim Selimko Neim Selimko
3 Sezgin Boynik Dren Shporta Kastriot Kelmendi Zgjim Shabani Luan Ruli Alpay Simitçi

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