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Frank n Dank
Portrait of Frank N' Dank at Frank's Barber Shop in Brooklyn, New York.
Background information
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1999-present
Labels McNasty, MCA, Loose Zipper, Needillworks?, Chisel Sound, Dopeness Galore
Associated acts J Dilla, Young RJ, The F.D.R. Project
Members Frank Nitt
Dankery Harv

Frank n Dank (real names Frank Bush, and Derrick Harvey) are an American hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan. They also go by the names Frank Nitt previously known as Frank Nitty (a reference to the 1930s crime boss Frank Nitti) and Dankery Harv. They are mainly known for their many collaborations with the late J Dilla. Known for their party-driven, tongue-in-cheek raps, the duo first came to public attention as guests on producer J Dilla's album, Welcome 2 Detroit in 2001. Prior to this, they had been performing in their hometown, Detroit, since the mid-1990s and had released the 12"s "Everybody Get Up!" and "Me and My Man" between "Love (A Thing of the Past)", both produced by J Dilla.

The group signed a recording deal with MCA Records, but their 2003 album, 48 Hrs, was at first rejected by the label, reworked with new production and resubmitted by the group, and finally shelved by the label altogether. Bootlegs of the reworked version eventually surfaced on the underground. The album was entirely produced by J Dilla, who uses very few samples throughout the album, instead choosing to concoct synth-driven beats for the MCs to rhyme over. It is believed that the original version of 48 Hours was more sample based, and that this may have been a factor in it being rejected by MCA, due to sample clearances.[1]

Frank n Dank released their follow-up albums, Xtended Play in 2004, and Xtended Play Version 3.13 in 2006. The album Xtended Play Version 3.13 contained production by J Dilla (who died before its release), and other Detroit producers. The song "MCA" details their uphill climb in the music industry.

Que D featured on Frank n Dank's European Vacation CD and DVD released on July 24, 2007.

Frank N Dank teamed up with Ralph "Young RJ" Rice to form a group called The FDR Project under their new record label For da Record, both utilizing the first initial of each of their names; Frank, Dank and RJ. The first project slated for production on For Da Record is a DVD titled Frank n Dank & J Dilla's European Vacation, which will come packaged with an 8 tracks EP featuring work from the members of The F.D.R. Project. The DVD and EP will include the last performances from J Dilla and Frank n Dank. The highly anticipated Frank n Dank’s European Vacation was released in 2007.[2]



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