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4 in Love
4inlove band.jpg
clockwise from top left: Cloudie, Sunnie, Windie, Rainie
Background information
Years active 2000–2002
Genre(s) Mandopop
Label(s) BMG
Past members
Cloudie Ling, Sunnie Huang, Rainie Yang, Windie Chang
Malaysian Golden Melody Awards
2001 Most Adored Artiste, Silver (Who's Afraid of Who?)[1]

4 in Love is a former Taiwanese all-female pop group. In 2000, BMG recruited four girls between the ages of 16 and 19, and named them 4 in Love.

Ling Chia-lin, Huang Hsiao-rou, Yang Cheng-lin, and Chang Chi-huey were each given new names based on different weather types: Cloudie, Sunnie, Rainie, and Windie, respectively. The label's strategy for the group was to promote their doll-like voices,[2] and market them as "The World's First 3D Group."[3]

The music video for their first lead single, "Fall in Love," was a first in the Taiwanese music industry for its use of three-dimensional computer animations.[4] In 2001, their second and last album, Who's Afraid of Whom?, earned them a Silver Award in the Most Adored Artiste category at the Malaysian Golden Melody Awards.[1]

Although Rainie's appearance in the hit drama Meteor Garden raised the group's profile, 4 in Love's popularity was still questionable at best. At the group's first autograph session, only a handful of fans had showed up.[5] Their songs, with the exception of "1001 Wishes" (一千零一個願望), were rarely successful on music charts.[2] In 2002, the group ultimately disbanded.



  • Fall In Love (November 27, 2000)
  • 誰怕誰 Who's Afraid of Whom? (July 19, 2001)


Rainie Yang : Year Title Title Role

  • 2001 流星花園 Meteor Garden — Xiao You (小優)
  • 2001 流星雨 Meteor Rain — Xiao You (小優)
  • 2001 陽光果凍 Sunshine Jelly — Mei
  • 2002 愛情白皮書 Tomorrow — Yuan Chen Mei (袁成美)
  • 2003 花香番外篇 Lavender 2 - Xiao Xiao (小小)
  • 2003 粉紅教父小甜甜 The Pink Godfather — Bao Xiao Ting (包小婷) / Chen Tian Shi (陳天使)
  • 2003 原味的夏天 The Original Scent of Summer — Yang Pan Pan (楊盼盼)
  • 2004 候鳥e人 Love Bird — Jiang Ding Han (江丁韓)
  • 2004 Legend of Speed — Juliet — Gao Yun ( 高雲 )
  • 2004 天空之城 City Of The Sky — Lu Bin Yan (陸彬燕)
  • 2005 聊齋系列之阿寶篇 Strange Tales of Liao Zhai Zheng — Ah Bao (趙寶玉/阿寶)
  • 2005 惡魔在身邊 Devil Beside You — Qi Yue (齊悅)
  • 2007 換換愛 Why Why Love — Tong Jia Di (童嘉蒂)
  • 2008 不良笑花 Miss No Good — Jiang Xiao Hua (蔣小花)
  • 2009 愛就宅一起 ToGetHer — Chen Mo Mo (陳默默)
  • 2010 海派甜心 Hi My Sweetheart — Chen Bao Zhu (陳寶茱)
  • 2010 陽光天使 Sunshine Angel — Yang Guang (陳雅雅)
  • 2011 醉後決定愛上你 Love You — Lin Xiao Ru (林曉如)

Sunnie Huang :

  • 2005 終極一班 KO One — Sha Jie
  • 2007 終極一家 The X Family — Xia Lan Xing De, Mei / Gui Wa

Cloudie and Windie did not appear in any dramas.


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