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British and Indian officers of the 4th Cavalry in Belgium in 1915

The 4th Cavalry was a cavalry regiment of the British Indian Army.


Raised in 1838 in the service of the Nawab of Avadh the various changes and amalgamations are listed below.


Converted in 1840 to the East India Company service as the 6th Bengal Irregular Cavalry.

They were granted an Honorary Standard for service in Sind in 1844, hearing the device of a lion 'passant regardant'.

As part of the 1861 reforms it was add to the regular establishment as the 4th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry

The 4th's first battle honour was Afghanistan NWF 1879-80 for service during the Second Afghan War.

They went through four changes of title between 1900 and 1904, initially owing to the regiment being rearmed with the lance.

By the outbreak of war in 1914 they were stationed at Bareilly.

In August 1914 they were mobilised as the divisional cavalry regiment of the 7th (Meerut) Division, landing in France in October 1914

In November 1915 they left the front and entrained for Marseilles, however they did not sail until the end of December. They were transferred to Mesopotamia, arriving in January 1916. They were transferred to serve with the 6th Indian Cavalry Brigade. They left Mesopotamia and returned to India in late 1917.

In late 1920 the 4th Cavalry were sent to Palestine on occupation duties, not returning to India until January 1922. At Bombay in April 1922 they amalgamated with the 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse) to form the 2nd - 4th Cavalry. However this title was short-lived and the new unit was retitled 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse) by October 1922.


  • 1838 1st Regiment Oudh Light Auxiliary Force Horse
  • 1840 6th Bengal Irregular Cavalry
  • 1861 4th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry
  • 1900 4th Regiment of Bengal Lancers
  • 1901 4th Bengal Lancers
  • 1903 4th Lancers
  • 1904 4th Cavalry
  • 1922 Amalgamated with 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse), to initially form 2nd-4th Cavalry then 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse)[1]

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