5 de chocolate y 1 de fresa

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5 de chocolate y 1 de fresa
5 de chocolate y 1 de fresa.jpg
Directed by Carlos Velo
Produced by Angélica Ortiz
Written by José Agustín
Fernando Galiana
Starring Angélica María
Fernando Luján
Music by Sergio Guerrero
Cinematography Rosalío Solano
Edited by Jorge Bustos
Release date
  • 26 December 1968 (1968-12-26)
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

5 de chocolate y 1 de fresa ("5 Chocolate and 1 Strawberry Icecreams") is a 1968 Mexican comedy film. The story involves a student at a convent who undergoes a radical transformation after consuming strange "mushrooms".

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