66th Infantry Regiment (United States)

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66th Infantry Regiment
Active 1943
Country  United States
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Size Regiment
Motto None
U.S. Infantry Regiments
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The 66th Infantry Regiment is an infantry regiment in the United States Army.


(Note; for a brief period 66th Armor was designated as 66th Infantry)


Constituted 10 July 1943 in the Regular Army as the 66th Infantry and assigned to the 71st Infantry Division. Activated 15 July 1943 at Camp Carson, Colorado. Inactivated 5–9 April 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. Relieved from the 71st Division and allotted to the Regular Army 25 February 1953; Concurrently broken up and elements redesignated as elements of the 13th Armored Division as follows

  • 66th Infantry (less 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions) as the 266th Armored Infantry Battalion.
  • 1st Battalion as the 267th Armored Infantry Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion as the 268th Armored Infantry Battalion
  • 3rd Battalion as the 269th Armored Infantry Battalion

Campaign streamers[edit]

World War II

  • Rhineland
  • Central Europe