71 Nyhavn

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71 Nyhavn
Nyhavn 71 - old warehouse.jpg
General information
Location Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinates Coordinates: 55°40′45.5″N 12°35′37″E / 55.679306°N 12.59361°E / 55.679306; 12.59361
Opening 1971
Owner Arp-Hansen Hotel Group
Management Arp-Hansen Hotel Group
Other information
Number of rooms 150
Number of restaurants 1
Hotel web site

71 Nyhavn is a hotel based in two converted warehouses on the corner of the Nyhavn Canal and the main harbourfront of Copenhagen, Denmark.


The building, also known as the Suhr Warehouse (Danish: Suhr's Pakhus, was built in 1805 by Ole Berendt Suhr (1762-1815) and Ludvigsen, his business partner. It was listed in 1918.[1]

In 1971, the building was restored and adapted by the architects Flemming Hertz and O. Ramsgaard Thomsen and converted into a hotel which opened the following year. In 2000, the hotel was extended with the Puggaard Warehouse (Danish: Puggaards Pakhus, a yellow building from about 1850 located on the rear side of the Suhr Warehouse. It was originally used for the storage of spices from the Far East.[1]


The building is built in red brick and has 14 bays along Nyhavn and 4 bays along the main harbour front

71 Nyhavn today[edit]

71 Nyhavn is a four star hotel with a total of 150 rooms and suites. Other facilities include a restaurant and a meeting room.[2]

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