75th Street–Elderts Lane (BMT Jamaica Line)

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75th Street–Elderts Lane
NYCS-bull-trans-J.svg NYCS-bull-trans-Z.svg
New York City Subway rapid transit station
75th St J BMT platform jeh.JPG
Northbound platform
Station statistics
Address 75th Street & Jamaica Avenue
Queens, NY 11421
Borough On the border of Brooklyn & Queens
Locale Cypress Hills, Brooklyn
Woodhaven, Queens
Coordinates 40°41′29″N 73°52′00″W / 40.691377°N 73.866534°W / 40.691377; -73.866534Coordinates: 40°41′29″N 73°52′00″W / 40.691377°N 73.866534°W / 40.691377; -73.866534
Division B (BMT)
Line BMT Jamaica Line
Services       J all except rush hours, peak direction (all except rush hours, peak direction)
      Z rush hours, peak direction (rush hours, peak direction)
Transit connections Bus transport NYCT Bus: Q56
Structure Elevated
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened May 28, 1917 (99 years ago) (1917-05-28)[1]
Former/other names Elderts Lane
75th Street
Passengers (2015) 1,196,186[2]Increase 2%
Rank 341 out of 425
Station succession
Next north 85th Street–Forest Parkway: J all except rush hours, peak direction
(Z rush hours, peak direction skips to Woodhaven Boulevard)
Next south Cypress Hills: J all except rush hours, peak direction
(Z rush hours, peak direction skips to Crescent Street)

75th Street–Elderts Lane (formerly 75th Street and originally Elderts Lane) is a skip-stop station on the BMT Jamaica Line of the New York City Subway. Located at 75th Street and Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven, Queens, it is served by the Z train during rush hours in peak direction and by the J train at all other times.

Station layout[edit]

Track layout
to 85 St
to Cypress Hills
Platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Southbound NYCS-bull-trans-J.svg toward Broad Street off-peak hours (Cypress Hills)
NYCS-bull-trans-Z.svg toward Broad Street rush hours (Crescent Street)
Center track No track or roadbed
Northbound NYCS-bull-trans-J.svg toward Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer off-peak hours (85th Street–Forest Parkway)
NYCS-bull-trans-Z.svg toward Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer rush hours (Woodhaven Boulevard)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
M Mezzanine Fare control, station agent
G Street Level Exit/ Entrance

This elevated station opened on May 28, 1917,[1] and has two side platforms and two tracks with space for a center track. The station is centered between Eldert Lane and 75th Street. The eastern end (railroad north) end of the station is just east of 75th Street is in Queens while the western end (railroad south) lies over the west side of Eldert Lane. Since this portion of Eldert Lane lies on the border between Brooklyn and Queens, most of the station is in Queens, with a small portion of it in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. The MTA counts the station as being in Queens. The New York City GIS portal labels the station as "75th St–Eldert Ln", with the "s" removed from "Elderts," matching the current name of the street. (The street name has evolved from Eldert's Lane to Elderts Lane to the current Eldert Lane, which gives rise to the discrepancy between the MTA naming and the street name.) [2][3][4]

Both platforms have beige windscreens and brown canopies supported by green frames and support columns along their entire lengths except for a small section at the south end. Here, they have black steel waist high fences with lampposts at regular intervals.

In the late 1980s, the Elderts Lane end of the station had a mezzanine area, but it was closed, and had become a haven to drugs and prostitution, so the staircases to the south end of the station were removed. When it was found that people were still getting into the closed mezzanine, the entire mezzanine area was dismantled, leaving the only exit and entrance to the station on the north side (75th Street). It was reported in Newsday on Feb. 20, 1988 that the mezzanines at Elderts Lane, Forest Parkway and 102nd Street stations would be torn down.[5]

The 1990 artwork here is called Five Points of Observation by Kathleen McCarthy. It affords a view of the street from the platforms and resembles a face when seen from the street. This artwork is also located in four other stations on this line.


This station has one elevated station house beneath the tracks. A single staircase from the east end (railroad north) of each platform goes down to a waiting area/crossover, where a turnstile bank provides entrance/exit from the station. Outside fare control, there is a token booth and two staircases going down to either western corners of 75th Street and Jamaica Avenue. There is no access from the Eldert Lane side of the station.[6]


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