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8½ Souvenirs is an American swing jazz band active from approximately 1993 to 2000 [1] and based in Austin, Texas. The band was signed to the RCA Victor label and had two releases under that label, as well as two other releases under Austin, Texas indie labels.

The band is named in tribute to the Federico Fellini film and the Django Reinhardt song "Souvenirs." The band was instrumental in Austin's 1990s Swing Revival dance scene centered at the Continental Club.[citation needed] The band was notable for its Django Reinhardt, gypsy jazz and other European influences.

The band was featured on Austin City Limits broadcast in April, 1998.[2]


The band lineup evolved over the years. During different periods, the personnel included:

  • Olivier Giraud (guitar, vocals) The founder and key member of the Souvenirs. Now a member of the band Continental Graffiti.
  • Tony Balbineau (vocals, rhythm guitar)
  • Todd Wulfmeyer (bass)
  • Kathy Kiser (vocals)
  • Glover Gill (piano)
  • Adam Berlin (drums)
  • Juliana Sheffield (vocals)
  • Kevin Smith (bass)
  • Justin Sherburn (piano)
  • Rob Kidd (drums)
  • Chrysta Bell (vocals)


Their version of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli's "Minor Swing" is featured in the motion picture Julie and Julia. [3]


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