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Intersil ICL8038 IC in PDIP package

The ICL8038 waveform generator was an Integrated circuit by Intersil designed to generate accurate sine, square & triangular waveforms based on bipolar monolithic technology involving Schottky barrier diodes. Triangular waves were produced by charging and discharging a capacitor with constant currents. The triangular waves were converted to sine waves involving a non-linear network of transistors and thin-film resistors.

The output frequency was set by resistors or capacitors and covered a range from 0.001 Hz to more than 300 kHz. An external control voltage would accomplish frequency sweeping or frequency modulation. The temperature drift could be optimized to less than 250ppm/°C by combining it with a PLL.

Maxim designed a copy of the ICL8038 and marketed it as the MAX038. Both devices have since been discontinued.


  • Low Frequency Drift with Temperature: 250ppm/°C
  • Low Distortion: 1% (Sine Wave Output)
  • High Linearity: 0.1% (Triangle Wave Output)
  • Wide Frequency Range: 0.001Hz to 300kHz
  • Variable Duty Cycle: 2% to 98%
  • High Level Outputs: TTL to 28V
  • Simultaneous Sine, Square, and Triangle Wave Outputs
  • Easy to Use - Just a Handful of External Components