90th Armoured Regiment (India)

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90 Armoured Regiment was raised on 15 August 1979 by amalgamating three Independent Reconnaissance Squadrons of the Indian Army Armoured Corps. 90 Indep Recce Sqn belonged to The Poona Horse, 92 Indep Recce Sqn belonged to 18 Cavalry and 93 Indep Recce Sqn belonged to 65 Armoured Regiment.

Though raised before a number of other Armoured Regiment it took the number 90 from the senior most among the Recce Squadrons that amalgamated to form this regiment. Lt Col Manjit Singh Sawhney of 18 Cavalry was the first Commandant while Ris Maj Bhanwar Khan of 92 Indep Recce Sqn was the first Risaldar Major. The regiment was raised under 10th Indian Division at Phaun Da Chak in Jammu and Kashmir. The Recce Squadrons merged completely with men & equipment.

"Death Before Dishonor" is the regimental motto.

The regiment has over the years earned a number of gallantry awards and has excelled in all spheres of military activity.