A+ Pollux

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A+ Pollux
Directed by Luc Pagès
Produced by Laurent Bénégui
Screenplay by Luc Pagès
Maïté Maillé
Based on Template:Base don
Music by Gérard Torikian
Cinematography Chicca Ungaro
Edited by Valérie Pasteau
Canal+ (France), France 3 Cinéma, France Télévision Images, Magouric Productions (France)
Distributed by Magouric Distribution
Release date
  • 3 July 2002 (2002-07-03)
Running time
90 minutes
Country France
Language French

A+ Pollux is a 2002 film by Luc Pagès adapted from a novel by Philippe Jaenada, Le Chameau sauvage.


It is a story of love over the most banal situations between Halvard (Gad Elmaleh) and Pollux (Cécile de France). Halvard is completely in love with the beautiful Pollux. She is the woman of his life. Even when she disappears, Halvard doesn't get the idea of standing shoulder to shoulder out of his head. But the disappearance creates problems of its own.

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS : True love, when it comes to 30-something translator Halvard Sanz, arrives suddenly and with a wild intensity. The incomparable Pollux walks into Halvard’s dreary life just as she is putting a brutal end to one amorous relationship. From that first meeting, Halvard knows that Pollux is his soul mate – but she disappears from his life just as suddenly as she entered it. Ditching his current girlfriend, Halvard drives himself into a mad frenzy as he tries to track Pollux down, so that he can share the rest of his life with her. Alas, could this be a wild goose chase...?



Technical details[edit]

  • Design : Nicolas Derieux, Karima Rekhamdji
  • Costumes : Bethsabée Dreyfus
  • Format : colour2.35:135 mm

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