A.S.D. Riccione 1929

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A.S.D. Riccione 1929.png
Full name Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Riccione 1929 s.r.l.
Founded 1929
2010 (refounded)
Ground Stadio Italo Niccoletti,
Riccione,[1] Italy
Ground Capacity 7,000
Chairman Paolo Croatti[2]
Manager Andrea Benedetti[3]
League Serie D/D
2012–13 Serie D/D, 13th

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Riccione 1929 is an Italian football club located in Riccione, Emilia-Romagna. It currently plays in Serie D.[4]


Valleverde Riccione FC[edit]

Riccione was founded in 1929 as Valleverde Riccione Football Club. In summer 2010 his sports title of Serie D was transferred to Real Rimini, after the Batani family left the club because of management problems with the president Paolo Croatti.

ASD Riccione 1929[edit]

The club was immediately refounded as Associazione sportiva dilettantistica Riccione 1929, acquiring the sports title of Eccellenza Emilia-Romagna club Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Del Conca, based in Morciano di Romagna.

The new team is the legitimate heir of the former Valleverde Riccione,[5] finally having a company composed of people of Riccione.

In the 2010–11 season Riccione has won group B of Eccellenza Emilia-Romagna[6] and has returned in Serie D.[7][8]

Colors and badge[edit]

Its colors are white and blue.

Current squad[edit]

To see the players of the current team click here.


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