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A1214 shield

Route information
Length: 9.4 mi (15.1 km)
Major junctions
Southwest end: A12/A14
  A12 A12 road
A14 A14 road
A1156 A1156 road
UK road A137.PNG A137 road
A1071 A1071 road
A1077 A1077 road
A1189 A1189 road
East end: A12
Ipswich, Ipswich Hospital, Kesgrave, Martlesham
Road network

The A1214 is a 9.4 miles long 'A' road in the English county of Suffolk.[1] It links Central Ipswich to the A12 and A14 and passes Ipswich Hospital. Its midsection forms an outer ring road around the west and north of Ipswich.


From west to east the road passes through the following settlements:


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Coordinates: 52°04′05″N 1°11′06″E / 52.06801°N 1.18487°E / 52.06801; 1.18487