A4 motorway (Slovenia)

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A4 Motorway shield}}

A4 Motorway
Avtocesta A4
Route information
Major junctions
From Avtocesta A1.svg Slivnica (Maribor), Slovenia
To Autocesta A2.svg A2, Croatia at Gruškovje border crossing
Regions: Lower Styria
Major cities Maribor, Ptuj
Highway system

The A4 motorway (Slovene: avtocesta A4, Podravski krak) is a motorway in Slovenia, planned to be 33.7 km long, connecting Maribor and Gruškovje (at the Croatian border). It also connects the two principal cities of the Podravska region of Slovenia, Maribor and Ptuj. Construction began in 2007 and is scheduled to be completed in 2018.[1]

The A4 consists of three sections:

  • Slivnica (Maribor) – Draženci (Ptuj): opened on 16 July 2009.
  • Section Draženci - Gruškovje develops along the existing highway. A reconstruction of parallel local roads is also planned now. Of this section shall be in 2011-2012 produced a project for a building permit and bought land in accordance with the adopted national spatial plan.
    • Section Draženci - Podlehnik opened on November 22, 2017.
    • Construction on section Podlehnik - Gruškovje started in 2016 and should finish in autumn 2018.
  • An international border check point Gruškovje was built in the spring of 2003 on the future route of the highway. This was a condition for the entry of Slovenia into the Schengen space in December 2007. Then in December 2009 a 0.56 km section of the highway was opened from the check point to the actual border with the Republic of Croatia, where it attaches to the Croatian motorway network in Macelj. The border crossing area is adjacent to the border control, built a 2 overpass with deviation of the future regional road.

Junctions, exits and rest area[edit]

A1 (Slivnica) – Gruškovje (33,7 km)
Interchange x km Slivnica interchange Avtocesta A1.svg A1 Tabliczka E57.svg Tabliczka E59.svg turns toward -> Austria A9-AT.svg or Ljubljana
Exit (1) x km Airport Regionalna cesta 430.svg Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport
Exit (2) x km Marjeta na Dravskem Polju
Toll Prepolje toll plaza
Exit (3) x km Zlatoličje
Petrol station Rest area x km Počivališče Dravsko Polje Pfeil unten.svg Pfeil oben.svg OMV / OMV
Exit (4) x km Hajdina Glavna cesta 2.svg
Interchange (5) x km Draženci interchange Glavna cesta 2.svg
Exit (6) x km Lancova Vas Glavna cesta 2.svg
Opened in November 2017
Exit (7) x km Podlehnik Opened in November 2017
Exit (8) x km Zakl Glavna cesta 2.svg
Border control x km GruškovjeMacelj border crossing
Autocesta A2.svg Autocesta A2 E59-HR.svg → to Zagreb, Croatia Croatia

Sections marked red have not yet been built.


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