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The 4A Dulles District is a high school conference in the state of Virginia that includes schools from Northern Virginia, with all of its full-time members from Loudoun County. 4A is the third largest enrollment class of the Virginia High School League and is typically very competitive in Virginia high school sports.

The Dulles District schools compete in the 4A West Region with the schools from Conference 21A, Conference 22, Conference 23, and Conference 24.

History and Facts about the District[edit]

The Dulles District was created in 2001 from all six Loudoun County high schools that were in the AA Northwestern District, which were Broad Run High School, Loudoun County High School, Loudoun Valley High School, Park View High School, Potomac Falls High School, and Stone Bridge High School.

The Dulles District's name is derived from the district's proximity to Washington Dulles International Airport, which is located in eastern Loudoun County.

Membership Changes[edit]

Loudoun County's growth has been a factor in creating the Dulles District as more high schools in the county were being built during the 2000s, including four new members in the district since its founding in 2001. In 2002, Heritage High School opened; in 2003, Dominion High School opened; in 2005, Briar Woods High School and Freedom High School opened. In 2005, Loudoun Valley was moved to the AAA National District and Stone Bridge moved to the AAA Liberty District because their enrollments were considerably above the AA/AAA enrollment cutoffs. In 2007, George Mason High School in Falls Church, Virginia became the first non-Loudoun County school to enter the Dulles District, though only as a part-time member for lacrosse only, as their district, the A Bull Run District did not hold enough members to sponsor it. Mason's swim team will also be competing in the Dulles District in the 2009-2010 season. In 2009, Heritage was moved to the AAA Cedar Run District and the AAA Northwest Region due to their increasing enrollment.

Woodgrove High School of Purcellville and Tuscarora High School of Leesburg joined the district when they opened in 2010. Loudoun Valley and Heritage returned to AA in 2011 because of the new school openings. In 2011, Broad Run and Freedom moved up to the AAA Cedar Run District.

John Champe High School joined the AA Dulles District when the school opened in 2012.

In the 2013-2014 school year, the Dulles District will be split as a result of the overall VHSL realignment. Current and former member schools in the 5A classification, Briar Woods, Broad Run, Freedom, Potomac Falls and Tuscarora will form the new Potomac District. Stone Bridge will remain in the Liberty District. Schools in the 4A and 3A classification, Champe, Dominion, Heritage, Loudoun County, Loudoun Valley, Park View and Woodgrove will remain in the Dulles District. In the postseason, schools will compete only against members of the same group classification.

Strengths and Notable Facts on the Dulles District[edit]

In 2001, the Dulles District was expected to be a football powerhouse, with Park View, the AA Division 4 runner up in 1999 and 2000 leading the way. Former Park View coach and teacher Mickey Thompson went to Stone Bridge to start up the new program there, and the Bulldogs were also expected to be another strong contender for the AA title. Both schools were very competitive in the district's initial years, but Park View's program steadily declined as players who first had Thompson at Park View graduated, and Stone Bridge moved to AAA after winning two AA Region II Division 4 titles. Loudoun Valley also made a playoff appearance in 2003 but is also in AAA. This trend has reversed this year, however, with three of the districts teams making playoff appearances (Briar Woods, Broad Run, and Park View). Broad Run has won the last two VHSL AA Division 4 state championships, in 2008 and 2009. In recent years, Briar Woods has emerged as a football powerhouse as they defeated Broad Run twice in 2010 en route to a state championship and lost once (to Broad Run) en route to a second state championship in 2011. The Falcons began the 2012 season with an early away victory at Broad Run and capped a perfect 15-0 season, rolling over Lynchburg Heritage 52-0 in the championship game to garner a third consecutive title.[citation needed]

Dulles District schools have been among the strongest in Virginia in softball, girls soccer, volleyball, and girls basketball, with multiple members earning AA tournament berths and AA titles since the district's founding. Boys and Girls lacrosse was offered as a varsity sport for the first time in Loudoun County high schools in 2002, and girls' field hockey may be added as well within a few years.

The biggest strength of the Dulles District as a league is not its sports however, but it is because seven out of the ten Loudoun schools routinely play each other in all sports, making the AA Dulles District the mainstay of Loudoun County athletics. In addition, the Dulles District is the only AA (and non-AAA) district with all of its members in Northern Virginia. This has also allowed more exposure on Loudoun County high school sports in the Washington area, because many Northwestern District members are located in the northern Shenandoah Valley and do not receive much exposure due to their distance from the immediate Washington area.[citation needed]

Dulles District members schedule non-district members primarily against schools in the AA Northwestern District and they also regularly play some high schools in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, including Jefferson, Hampshire, and Musselman.

State Champions since 2001-2002[edit]

Virginia State Championships
Year Sport/Competition School
2001–2002 Girls Volleyball Loudoun Valley
2001–2002 Golf Potomac Falls
2002 Softball Park View
2002 Boys Tennis Potomac Falls
2003 Girls Tennis Loudoun County
2003 Softball Loudoun Valley
2004 Girls Soccer Potomac Falls
2004–2005 Cheerleading Stone Bridge
2004–2005 Girls Volleyball Loudoun Valley
2005 Softball Loudoun Valley
2005 Girls Soccer Stone Bridge
2006 Boys Tennis Loudoun County
2006 Boys Soccer Potomac Falls
2007 Girls Track and Field Park View
2007 Softball Broad Run
2007 Girls Volleyball Loudoun County
2008 Softball Broad Run
2008 Girls Soccer Broad Run
2008 Girls Track and Field Park View
2008 Girls Volleyball Loudoun County
2008 Football Broad Run
2008–2009 Division 4 Girls Basketball Loudoun County
2008–2009 Division 3 Girls Basketball Freedom
2009 Softball Broad Run
2009 Girls Soccer Broad Run
2009 Girls Volleyball Loudoun County
2009 Cheerleading Briar Woods
2009 Football Briar Woods
2009–2010 Division 4 Girls Basketball Freedom
2009–2010 Division 4 Boys Basketball Potomac Falls
2010 Cheerleading Briar Woods
2010 Football Briar Woods
2011 Division 4 Boys Basketball Potomac Falls
2011 Girls Soccer Broad Run
2011 Softball Briar Woods
2011 Cheerleading Briar Woods
2011 Football Briar Woods
2012 Softball Woodgrove
2012 Girls Soccer Woodgrove
2016 Cheerleading Riverside
2017 Girls Swimming Riverside

Total Number of State Championships[edit]

Virginia State Championships
School No. of Titles Founded
Loudoun County 6 1954
Loudoun Valley 4 1963
Park View 3 1976
Heritage 0 2002
Dominion 0 2003
Woodgrove 2 2010
Riverside 2 2015

2011-2012 District Champions[edit]

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Former Dulles Members[edit]

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