Woodgrove High School

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Woodgrove High School
Woodgrove High School is located in Northern Virginia
Woodgrove High School
Woodgrove High School
Woodgrove High School is located in Virginia
Woodgrove High School
Woodgrove High School
Woodgrove High School is located in the United States
Woodgrove High School
Woodgrove High School
36811 Allder School Road

Coordinates39°9′25.5″N 77°43′43.4″W / 39.157083°N 77.728722°W / 39.157083; -77.728722Coordinates: 39°9′25.5″N 77°43′43.4″W / 39.157083°N 77.728722°W / 39.157083; -77.728722
School typePublic high school
MottoWork Honor Strive
School districtLoudoun County Public Schools
PrincipalWilliam S. Shipp
Enrollment1,612 (2016-17)[1]
Color(s)Navy Blue, Green, White               
Athletics conferenceDulles District
Region II
Western Loudoun High School
Weedgrove High School
RivalLoudoun Valley High School
Communities servedPurcellville
Round Hill
Feeder schoolsWaterford Elementary, Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary, Hillsboro Elementary, Lovettsville Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, Round Hill, Elementary, and Harmony Middle School

Woodgrove High School (also known as HS-3 or the Western Loudoun High School) is a public secondary school which opened in Purcellville, Virginia for the 2010-2011 school year on the Fields Farm, bordering the northern part of the town. Woodgrove is part of Loudoun County Public Schools and opened in the same year as Tuscarora High School of Leesburg.


Woodgrove was planned on around 2000 to alleviate overcrowding primarily at Loudoun Valley High School, where the student population has doubled since the 1995-1996 school year. In 2005, the Loudoun County School Board approved the use of Fields Farm, a property north of the Town of Purcellville on County land, but in an urban growth zone jointly controlled by the Town and the County, known as PUGAMP. The town of Purcellville was not pleased with the decision, because of traffic concerns and also because it was expected to provide essential services to the new high school, despite being located outside of the Town. The School Board claimed that the high school's best location was in Fields Farm, and on June 20, 2006, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted 6-3 to start construction of Woodgrove on Fields Farm. The Town of Purcellville pursued legal action in court to stop its construction with a Richmond legal firm; the case is still pending in Court. In July 2006, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors reexamined the possibility of opening Woodgrove in Round Hill, but efforts were unsuccessful.

In February 2007, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) began its standard procedure for drawing boundary lines which would split Loudoun Valley into two high schools. Land construction still did not start on Fields Farm due to the lawsuit filed by Purcellville. LCPS also acknowledged that because of the lawsuit, they would file a special construction exemption to expedite construction of the school, but still "split" Loudoun Valley into two schools in the 2008-2009 school year.

According to LCPS, if Loudoun Valley was not split into two schools by 2008, students who move to the area may be forced to attend Briar Woods High School or Freedom High School because the school would be at maximum capacity then. Briar Woods and Freedom at the time would not have student populations at capacity for at least two school years.

On March 17, 2007, the Loudoun County Circuit Court ruled in favor of the Town of Purcellville, due to Loudoun County's lack of consultation with the game town on the building of the high school. Because of the decision, the high school was delayed.

On September 12, 2008, The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the County of Loudoun has sole authority over location decisions for public facilities in the Purcellville Urban Growth Area located outside the Town of Purcellville’s corporate limits. The decision came as a result of a series of lawsuits brought by the Town of Purcellville against Loudoun County to challenge the proposed Western Loudoun High School location north of the town. The court rejected the argument that the Town of Purcellville had authority to decide whether new public facilities, such as the high school, could locate in this unincorporated area of the county. That decision lies only with the county.

The court also decided that the proposed high school was not a feature shown on the Purcellville Urban Growth Area Management Plan, and so its location must be submitted by the Loudoun County School Board to the Loudoun County Planning Commission for a determination that it was in substantial accord with the plan. This review is referred to as a “Commission Permit.”

County Attorney Jack Roberts said; “I am pleased with the court’s ruling. It rejected the town’s fundamental assertion that it had authority beyond its borders to veto the location of public facilities.”

Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York said; “The next step is to work with the School Board to coordinate the filing and scheduling of a Commission Permit request so that we can move forward with this desperately needed school.”

The school broke ground for construction in 2009. Woodgrove High School had finished construction and opened for the 2010-2011 school year. Students who went to school together were separated and split upon redistricting, except for the 2010-2011 seniors, who all stayed and finished their education at Loudoun Valley. Thus, only the rising 9th-11th graders were moved to Woodgrove High School.


Woodgrove brought home its first state championship in its second year, with the girls' soccer team completing an undefeated season (24-0-1) by defeating district foe Loudoun County High School in the AA State Championship game 3-0 on June 9, 2012. Later that day, Woodgrove's softball team (27-2) won the school's second state title, defeating Broadway High School in the AA State Championship game 9-0. In June 2013, the Girls' Soccer team became back to back AA State Champions. Woodgrove won its first football state championship on December 8th, 2018. They defeated Lake Taylor High School 38-33 in the 4A group.

Band Program[edit]

Woodgrove High School's band program has been participating in Virginia state festivals since its opening. The school is home to many prestigious band programs of all forms. The band program at Woodgrove High School has received the award of " VBODA Honor Band" twice; in the 2014-2015 school year, and in the 2017-2018 school year. All band classes are taught by Bill Strickler.

Woodgrove Marching Wolverines[edit]

Woodgrove High School's marching band, the Woodgrove Marching Wolverines, competed in the USBands circuit from 2010-2018. The Woodgrove Marching Wolverines now perform in the Virginia Marching Band Cooperative circuit, as well as local independent shows and Virginia state festivals.

Year Show Title Repertoire VBODA Festival Rating
2010 Marching Through the 80's "The Final Countdown" by Europe/"Come Sail Away" by Styx/"Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas Unknown
2011 Journey with the Eagles "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey/ "Desperado"/"Heartache Tonight" by The Eagles Excellent
2012 Piano Man "We Didn't Start the Fire"/"Piano Man"/"Air ("Dublinesque")"/"Just the Way You Are" all by Billy Joel Excellent
2013 United From Strife: A Celebration of Gettysburg, 150 Years On. "North and South - Main Title" by Bill Conti/"Main Title from Gettysburg" by Randy Edelman/"American Civil War Fantasy" by Jerry Bilik/"The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by William Steffe Excellent
2014 Colors "Red and Orange"/"Blue and Purple"/"Green and Yellow"/"Spectrum" all by Randall Standridge Superior
2015 The Battle of Troy "Helen of Troy"/"Building the Horse"/"The Battle of Troy" all by Rob Stein Excellent
2016 Pyramids of Egypt "Construction"/"The Discovery of KV62"/"Curse of the Pharaohs" all by Gary P. Gilroy Superior
2017 To Catch a Thief "The Heist"/"Jewels by Moonlight"/"Entrapment/The Slip" all by Gary P. Gilory Superior
2018 The Power of One "One Voice" by Barry Manilow/"Channel One Suite" by Bill Reddie/"One Day More" by Claude-Michel Schonberg Excellent
2019 Macabre ”Bump in the Night”/“Haunted Lullaby”/“Death Danse” all by Gary P. Gilroy TBA

Concert Band[edit]

Woodgrove has had varying forms of concert classes through its years. It currently has two: "Symphonic Band" and the upper level "Wind Ensemble", both of which compete and perform in festivals.

Year Wind Ensemble Festival Repertoire VBODA Festival Rating
2010-11 Unfound Unfound
2011-12 Unfound Unfound
2012-13 Unfound Unfound
2013-14 "Colonel Bogey" by F.J. Ricketts/"Windjammer (Voyage Aboard a Tall Ship)" by Robert Buckley/? Excellent
2014-15 "Prestissimo" by Karl L. King/"Concord" by Clare Grundman/"Fantasy on Barbara Allen" by Fred Allen Superior
2015-16 "Under the Double Eagle" by Josef Wagner/"Fantasy on a Mountain Song" by William Himes/"Zeus: King of the Gods" by Rob Romeyn Good
2016-17 "Big Four" by Karl L. King/"Vision Quest" by Vince Gassi/"Festive Dance (from Faust)" by Charles Gounod Excellent
2017-18 "Allied Honor" by Karl L. King/"Folksong Festival" by Ryan Nowlin/"Havendance" by David R. Holsinger Superior
2018-19 "Aces of the Air" by Karl L. King/"Poor Wayfaring Stranger" arr. Andrew Boysen, Jr./"Imaginarium" by Randall D. Standridge Excellent

Jazz Band[edit]

Woodgrove's jazz bands are known throughout the community for their various performances at school and around town. Currently there are two jazz bands: "Woodgrove Jazz Band" and the upper level "Woodgrove Jazz Combo" which competes and performs in festivals.

Winter Drumline[edit]

Formed in 2014, the Winter Drumline competes in the AIA circuit. It is currently in the PSRA class. Its head instructor is Jim Ruddy, its percussion instructor is Christian Logan, and its front ensemble instructor is Dan Harmon.

Year Show Title Repertoire
2014 The House "The House" by Alan Keown
2015 Unexpected Journey "Unexpected Journey" by Chris Mundy/ "This I Believe (The Creed)" by Hillsong Worship
2016 Battle in the Sky "Taking off to Battle" / "The Battle" both by Chris Mundy/"Doxology" by Thomas Ken
2017 Compass "North" / "South" / "East" / "West" all by Brian Aguilar
2018 Space Mission "We Have Lift Off" / "Anti-Gravity" / "Welcome Home" arranged by Christian Logan
2019 Goodbye "Goodbye" composed and arranged by Ian Grom and John Mapes

Winter Guard[edit]

Formed in 2015, the Winter Guard has quickly risen through the classes of AIA and are currently in the class Scholastic A1. They began competing in WGI in 2017 and are currently in the class Scholastic A. The Winter Guard is instructed by Nicole Parada Kinman.

Year Show Title Repertoire
2015 Forget Me Not "Don't Forget Me" by The Head and The Heart
2016 From the Mouth of Gabriel "From the Mouth of Gabriel" by Sufjan Stevens
2017 Outside In "A Fuller Wine" by Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet
2018 In Sequence ”Opening” by Bruce Brubaker
2019 And Shadows Fall Behind "Here" by Sarah Blasko

Pep Band[edit]

Woodgrove also is home to a pep band that plays at the winter basketball games and occasionally other events. It is highly regarded amongst Northern Virginia schools. The Woodgrove Pep Band is directed by Thomas Acquino.


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