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ADA Compliance Kits are put into hotels and hospitals to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. On average, over 25 million deaf and hard of hearing travelers will patronize the hotel and hospitality industry each year. In order to comply with the act, properties must provide these for use by these guests. The number of kits a hotel is required to have on hand is dependent on the number of rooms in the establishment. A typical hotel room should have at least the following items: 1. text telephone to access the phone, 2. a door signaler to indicate if someone is knocking at the door, 3. a telephone handset amplifier for those who need amplification for the telephone volume, 4. a telephone signaler to indicate the phone is ringing, 5. an alarm clock with a bed shaker, 6. smoke detectors with visual notification.

Common items[edit]

  • TTY (Text Telephone)
  • Door Beacon with LED Light
  • Telephone Handset Amplifier
  • Telephone Signaler
  • Alarm clock
  • Visual/Audio Smoke Detector
  • ADA Compliance Sign
  • Carrying Case