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AEKKEA-Raab R-29
Role Trainer or Fighter/Trainer
National origin Greece
Manufacturer AEKKEA-RAAB
Designer Antonius Raab (aka Antonios or Antonio)
First flight 1936
Number built unknown (30 planned)

The AEKKEA-RAAB R-29 was a Greek single-seat parasol monoplane trainer and/or light fighter developed by Antonius Raab, a German aircraft designer, with his Greek partners and was the sole Raab aircraft to be developed in Greece.

Design and development[edit]

It had wooden wings, a Elektron (alloy) metal-tube fuselage and a 280 hp Ranger V-770 engine.[1] However, there is no exact record for produced numbers. The R-29 was a new design developed by Raab’s Greek company in late 1936 but shared structural characteristics with the preceding R-27 type (a type also first recorded as an AEKKEA-RAAB product by Jane's 1935 ed., most probably designed earlier by Raab and never produced), including an inline engine, fixed cantilever undercarriage and twin machine-guns. The R-27 differed in using a Hispano-Suiza 12Y engine.[1]

Export documents to Spain and Jane's (1936 ed.) reported it as a fighter, but Raab later described it as a trainer,[1] which would be borne out by the low powered engine chosen. A batch of these aircraft, along with the Tigerschwalbe R-26V/33 (derived from an earlier Raab-Katzenstein model), were to be delivered to the Republican forces. Components of 30 aircraft were to be produced in Greece and shipped to Spain, where a subsidiary would carry out final assembly. An AEKKEA aircraft engineer, Georgios Pangakis, reported 40 (rather than 30) R-29s shipped to Spain, still missing engines and machine guns, which proved difficult to acquire. According to Raab, the Republicans gave roughly 60 incomplete airframes of both types, along with plans to the Soviets to be shipped back to the USSR.

The AEKKEA archives were destroyed and there seems to be no surviving images and only the contemporary Jane's provides a written description.


General characteristics



  • 2 × machine guns

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