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AEK Arena is a football stadium project in West Attica, Greece. The purpose of the project is the construction of a modern football stadium to be used by AEK Athens FC, one of the three largest clubs of the Super League Greece.


As it was announced on September 6, 2007 the stadium will be built in Ano Liosia, a northwestern suburb of Athens. A contract was signed between the Greek State and AEK Athens FC and all the details of the project were finalised.[1]

Capacity and other facilities[edit]

The stadium will have a capacity of at least 50,000 spectators according to chairman Demis Nikolaidis and it will fulfill all the UEFA criteria in order to be regarded a 5-star venue. It will also feature a shopping mall of around 50,000 square metres, a multiplex cinema and numerous cafes and restaurants.

Stadium naming[edit]

The name "AEK Arena" is not the official name of the future stadium, it is just the temporary name of the project.Although, it is likely that the stadium is finally named AEK Arena even though a name like "New Nikos Goumas Stadium" is more likely to be chosen. Last but not least, it is very possible the stadium to be named after a sponsorship deal 'LG Stadium/LG Arena.


Main article: Agia Sofia Stadium

The stadium was cancelled due to financial problems of the club. On the 10th of July the new owner of AEK FC Dimitris Melissanidis announced that the club would built a new stadium at Nea Filadelfia area, where the historic home ground of AEK FC, Nikos Goumas Stadium was situated. The stadium's name will be Agia Sofia.

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