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AFL NSW/ACT is the trading name of the AFL (NSW/ACT) Commission Limited, a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of the Australian Football League (AFL), established in 1999.[1]

While the company's name refers to NSW/ACT, the company's registered office is the AFL's office in Docklands, Victoria and the company is not controlled by or accountable to Australian Football clubs, associations and leagues in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The company was established by the AFL to take control of Australian Football in NSW and ACT. Australian Football in NSW had been independently coordinated by local associations and leagues, including the NSW Australian Football League Limited and St.George and Sutherland Shire Junior Australian Football Association Inc. The AFL, a trading company, aggressively took control of Australian Football in NSW and the ACT from independent not-for-profit volunteer based organisations.

The company claims "AFL NSW/ACT IS THE STATE CONTROLLING BODY FOR THE CODE OF AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL IN NSW/ACT.[2] but Australian Football is not owned or controlled by the AFL and its subsidiaries.


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