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Beggar Man by Alo
Beggar Man by Alo

ALO (Aristide Loria) is an Italian artist born in Ancona in 1981. He is a London / Paris based painter who decided to reproduce his indoor techniques on the outdoor walls. ALO started his career in London where he began painting on the walls and working with art galleries. He had his first major solo show "Hail to the loser" at Saatchi Gallery in 2014, with which he started a continuous collaboration. His second solo show with the Saatchi Gallery was "Exit from Aden" in 2017. ALO has painted also in Paris and Berlin. In 2016 he has been included in the Urban Art auction at Artcurial in Paris.

Nina by Alo

Art exhibitions[edit]

2018 – Ave, solo show Le Cabinet D'Amateur, Paris

2017 – Exit from Aden - The Unshown Works, solo show Saatchi Gallery, London

2017 – Made in London, group show Le Cabinet D'Amateur, Paris

2017 – Exit from Aden, solo show Saatchi Gallery, London

2015 – Pop the Streets, Saatchi Gallery, London

2014 – Hail to the loser, Saatchi Gallery, London[1]

2014 – Project M/6, Urban Nation, Berlin[2][3]

2014 – Collicola On the Wall, Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto (Italy)

2013 – Spectrum, Stolen Space Gallery, London

2013 – Winter group show, Stolen Space Gallery, London


Wide Walls, 10 Favourite Urban Art Exhibitions of 2014[4]

Wide Walls, 10 Best graffiti and street art masters from Italy [5]

RNext, A Londra per dipingere su tela e su strada. Con Alo la street art fa il giro del mondo [6]

RNext, - "NEXT" - Perugia Teatro Pavone Italy[7]

Wide Walls, Hail to the Loser[8]

Artribune, Dalle strade a Saatchi. Per Alo “è accaduto tutto molto in fretta [9]


2016 – Urban Art Auction, Artcurial, Paris [10]

2016 – Urban Art, Tajan, Paris [11]


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