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"A.M.S.D." stands for Advanced Military Systems Design is a armaments design and manufacturing company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Products and manufacturing[edit]

Lab testing units for ammunitions manufacturers

Mildial ( Mildot analogue computer )

OM 50 Nemesis sniper rifle

Scope rings, Scope mounts and laser or optical mounts

50 Bmg VLD special brass match grade bullets

50 Bmg Ammunitions


  • 1995, Creation of the company by Chris L. Movigliatti

Legal status : Single Person owned company

Main activity is subcontracting, manufacturing and R&D

as well as weapon and ammunition sales in Switzerland and abroad

The company did work or consulted for several weapon manufacturer around the world

Ashbury International Group, USA - 2006 / 2007

Designed the original Saber/Forsst chassis system

( Ashbury did apply and received a patent for the chassis system, since most

if not all of the ideas in the chassis system where already in the public domain

many years prior to the patent application it could be disputed in court if necessary )

Brugger & Thomet, Switzerland - 2004 / 2005

Designed the APR 308 / 338

B&T added in house modification to the trigger system and ground spike

FN Herstal, Belgium

Designed the rear Iron Sight used on the Scar

( actually reverse engineered and produced w/o the permission of A.M.S.D. )

PGM Precision, France - 1999 / 2004

Designed the following : All PGM proprietary double stacks mags

50 Bmg (1993 / 1994), 338 Lapua Mag (1999 / 2000), 308 (1999)

Ground spike, Proprietary Trigger system

PGM 338

PGM Mini Hecate, Production stopped

Improved the original Ultima Ratio by adding double stack mags, polymer stock and forend, ground spike

Improved the original Hecate II by adding polymer stock and ground spike

  • 2001, Design and manufacturing of the OM 50 Nemesis "Alpha", 6 prototypes

Only 3 month where necessary from drawings board design to shooting at the range PGM Hecate II, Bolt and trigger where used PGM Ultima Ratio, Ground spike was used The rifle ad a manual feeding block instead of a mag

  • 2003 / 2004, Redesign of the prototypes and production of the OM 50 Nemesis "Bravo"

Newly proprietary designed items :

Bipod, Trigger, Single stack mag, 5rds capacity

Simplified manufacturing

  • 2008 ( third quarter ), Change of legal status from Single Owned Company to "SA" ( Limited )

A business partner joined the company

This would reveal to be a catastrophic move very quickly

due to the lack of transparency and the conditions funding was made by the business partner

  • 2009, Upgrade the OM 50 Nemesis "Bravo" in to the "Charly"

Injected plastic Comb and forend panels, allowing multiple color choice

Flush cups inserts, 3 positions safety ( Safe bolt locked, Safe, Fire )

Improved, Mag attachment and positioning

Extractor ( Sako style instead of Winchester pre 70 ), Stock joint

In house trigger to pass "Nato drop test" and Sound suppressor

  • 2010 / 2011, AMSD SA sold the manufacturing rights of the OM 50 Nemesis to Swissarms AG

All tooling and manufacturing jigs where purchased by Swissarms AG

The first batch of 20 rifles was made and assembled by AMSD SA using parts in stock with "Swissarms" marking

Intellectual property of the OM 50 NEMESIS drawing package is solely owned by Chris L. Movigliatti

  • 2012 ( second quarter ), Due to growing tension with business partner,

Chris L. Movigliatti reopened AMSD as a single owned company

and resumed activity as a gun designer.

  • 2014 (Second quarter ), Due to irreconcilable differences with business partner,

Chris L. Movigliatti leave AMSD SA board

Since AMSD name and logo are trademark protected and legally owned by Chris L. Movigliatti

AMSD SA ad to be renamed by former business partner to continue operation

and now registered as Swiss Weapon System SA in geneva

  • 2014, Full redesign of the OM 50 Nemesis "Charly" in a new family of rifle sharing same DNA

Technical step is such, that the product line is renamed

Double stack mag, 10rds capacity

Monoblock forend / shroud ( aluminum extrusion ) instead of original "Bridged" construction

Fully redesigned :

stock extension to allow tool free length adjustments

stock joint ( weight saving )

ground spike, single screw 3 mm per turn adj. fully sealed, instead of double screws 4 mm per turn adj.

Improved and simplified trigger

Redesigned Comb, allowing bolt removal w/o folding the stock

The latest 50bmg only weight 12.7 kg with empty mag and w/o scope

Argos-308 : 308 Winchester

Hydra-338 : 338 Lapua Magnum

Typhoon-500 : 12.7 mm × 99 mm / 50Bmg

Typhoon-127 : 12.7 mm × 108 mm

Ares-145 : 14.5 mm × 114 mm

Ares-200 : 20 mm × 82 mm

Ares-230 : 23 mm × 115 mm


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