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ANZ Fiji
Formerly called
Bank, Subsidiary of ANZ Group
Industry Financial services
Predecessor ANZ ASB
Founded December 16, 1880 (1880-12-16)
Headquarters Fiji
Area served
Key people
Saud Minam CEO of ANZ Fiji and Pacific Operations
Products Business Banking and Retail Banking, Markets/International Trade Services, Risk, Credit, Operations and Human Resources
Brands ANZ
Services Banking
Parent ANZ Group

ANZ Fiji is the largest bank in Fiji and has about a 40% market share. ANZ Fiji currently run three Prime Suites and 16 branches country-wide including a branch at Nadi International Airport and an agency at Nausori airport. ANZ is also only provider of Rural Banking Services in Fiji, with 6 teams serving a total of 471 communities and schools.


ANZ Fiji traces its presence in Fiji back to 1873 through an acquisition. Investors from Auckland established the Fiji Banking and Commercial Trading Company Limited in 1873. However, the bank's owners sold it in 1876 to the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ); ANZ Group acquired BNZ’s operations in 1990 after 114 years of Bank of New Zealand ownership.

ANZ’s own entry into the Pacific region dates back to 16 December 1880 when the Union Bank of Australia (est.1837) opened a branch in the old capital of Fiji, Levuka. However, the bank closed the branch in 1895. In 1951 Union Bank’s successor, ANZ, returned to Fiji with a representative office that it upgraded to a branch.

In 1985 ANZ acquired Barclays Bank’s operations, which Barclays had established in 1973. In 2001 ANZ bought Bank of Hawaii’s Bankoh subsidiary, which had three branches throughout Fiji. Bankoh had entered the Fijian banking market in 1993.

In February 2017, ANZ Fiji appointed Saud Abdul Minam as CEO of ANZ Fiji and Pacific Operations.[1] Previously, Saud Abdul Minam served as Head of Commercial, Pacific at Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited.[2] During his tenure as Head of Commercial, ANZ has announced free access to its internet banking platform and website for Vodafone Fiji users.[3]



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