AWA World Women's Championship

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The AWA World Women's Championship
Promotion American Wrestling Association
Date established 1958
Date retired 1991

The AWA World Women's Championship was the women's professional wrestling title in the American Wrestling Association from 1961 until 1990.

Title history[edit]

Symbol Meaning
No. The overall championship reign
Reign The reign number for the specific wrestler listed.
Event The event in which the championship changed hands
N/A The specific information is not known
Used for vacated reigns in order to not count it as an official reign
[Note #] Indicates that the exact length of the title reign is unknown, with a note providing more details.
# Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Byers, JuneJune Byers 1 August 20, 1958 1102 Atlanta, Georgia House show Defeated Mildred Burke for the NWA World Women's Championship and continues to be recognized by AWA after it splits from NWA in 1960.  
2 Banner, PennyPenny Banner 1 August 26, 1961 493 Angola, Indiana House show AWA ceased to recognize June Byers as women's champion after she no-showed a title defense. Banner won a battle royal to become the new AWA World Women's Champion.  
- Vacated N/A January 1, 1963 N/A N/A N/A The AWA vacated the title on January 1, 1963 but Byers continued to be recognized as champion by the NWA until she retired in January 1964.  
3 Noble, KayKay Noble 1 April 13, 1963 2402 Saint Paul, Minnesota House show Defeated Kathy Starr.  
4 Nicoli, BettyBetty Nicoli 1 November 9, 1969 725 N/A House show    
5 Vachon, VivianVivian Vachon 1 November 4, 1971 651 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada House show    
6 Nicoli, BettyBetty Nicoli 2 August 16, 1973 587 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada House show    
- Vacated N/A March 27, 1975 N/A N/A N/A Title vacated when Nicoli retired.  
7 Devine, CandiCandi Devine 1 November 1984 [Note 1] Minneapolis, Minnesota House show Won a battle royal.  
- Vacated N/A September 6, 1985 N/A Martin, Tennessee House show Title vacated for unknown reasons.  
8 Devine, CandiCandi Devine 2 September 28, 1985 5 Chicago, Illinois SuperClash The title awarded back to Devine.  
9 Martel, SherriSherri Martel 1 October 3, 1985 11 Memphis, Tennessee House show Title stripped.  
10 Devine, CandiCandi Devine 3 October 14, 1985 3 Memphis, Tennessee House show Awarded without title match.  
11 Martel, SherriSherri Martel 2 October 17, 1985 91 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada House show    
12 Devine, CandiCandi Devine 4 January 16, 1986 163 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada House show    
13 Martel, SherriSherri Martel 3 June 28, 1986 391 Oakland, California Battle by the Bay    
- Vacated N/A July 24, 1987 N/A N/A N/A Title vacated when Martel went to the World Wrestling Federation.  
14 Miceli, MadusaMadusa Miceli 1 December 27, 1987 335 Las Vegas, Nevada AWA Championship Wrestling Defeated Candi Devine.  
15 Richter, WendiWendi Richter 1 November 26, 1988 [Note 2] Bloomington, Minnesota House show    
- Vacated N/A December 1989 N/A N/A N/A Title vacated when Richter left the promotion.  
16 Devine, CandiCandi Devine 5 December 6, 1989 213 Toronto, Ontario, Canada House show Defeated Judy Martin.
17 Ripper, MonsterMonster Ripper 1 July 8, 1990 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico WWC Aniversary 1990 [1]
- Title retired N/A January 1991 N/A N/A N/A Championship retired when the AWA closed.  


  1. ^ The date the championship was won and vacated have not been found, making the length of the reign too uncertain to calculate.
  2. ^ The exact date the championship was vacated is unknown, which means the title reign lasted between 370 and 375 days.

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