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A Child Is Missing Alert (ACIM) is a non-profit organization located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which assists law enforcement in the early search and recovery of missing children,(Autistic/ Down syndrome), elderly(often with Alzheimer's/Dementia), disabled persons and college students with the goal of doing so within the first few hours. The program sends alert calls to the area the person was last scene and calls to land lines and cellphones, Twitter, websites and does expanded calling when asked for by law enforcement nationwide. Since 1997 there have been over 45,000 cases reported. The program is available to law enforcement 24/7, 365. Available nationwide. ACIM also offers a program to allows local law enforcement to notify a neighborhood when a sexual predator has moved into their area.

A Vidal Child Safety Education Program (CSEP)began in 2005. It is a local program taught by specially trained, register schoolteachers in Miami/Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Manatee, Sarasota and other Florida areas. The High Risk Youth program - The Anatomy of a Murder of a Bully and "Express Yourself!" (c) have had great success with the High Risk Youth that are court appointed to be in the classes. We have taught to date over 80,000 children.(2015)

The program is supported by donations from individuals and law enforcement. A Child Is Missing,Inc was founded by Sherry Friedlander-Olsen who serves as the Executive Director. Member of CMACO, helped to form the Human Trafficking Collection in Fort Lauderdale, Broward Chiefs Association and other vital programs.

This organization is not eligible to be rated by Charity Navigator because it does not meet their criteria of having at least $1 million in revenues. According to Charity Navigator, the CEO received a yearly salary of $95,726 in 2011,[1]$94,419 in 2010,[2] and $94,320 in 2009[3]


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