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A Collection of Original Local Songs (full title - “A Collection of original local songs by Thomas Marshall – Printed for the author by Wm Fordyce, Dean Street, Newcastle 1829) is a Chapbook of Geordie folk song consisting of eleven songs written by Thomas Marshall, published in 1829, by the author himself.

The publication[edit]

Thomas Marshall wrote all the songs.

A set of the original documents are retained in the archives of Gateshead Council. .


Are as below :-

page title tune brief description note ref
1 assume front cover [1]
2 assume inner cover
3 to 4 Blind Willie's jubilee Bold Dragoon A song to celebrate Blind Willy’s 50th birthday and ensuing party [2]
5 unknown
6 to 8 Markie's grandie (or Richie's mistake) Barbara Bell A comic song about mistaking the name of a public house [3]
8 to 10 Blind Willie, versus Billy Scott Fie, let's away to the Bridal A song about a fight between these two local “eccentrics” [4]
10 to 12 Ralphey and the broker Good Morning to your night-cap A song about a defective chest ordered from a broker (or joiner) [5]
12 to 13 Heeltap's disaster Post-mun A song about a greedy shoemaker [6]
13 to 16 Euphys Coronation Arthur McBride [7]
18 to 19 Ralphey's views fra the spire Betsey Baker This song describes the amazing view from the spire of St. Nicholas Church in Newcastle claiming he could see all the way to London [8]
16 to 18 Visit to Swalwell Betsey Baker Song about a group of folk led by a band setting out from Newcastle to go to Swalwell for a 'merry night' [9]
20 to 21 Tars and skippers Derry Down A song written after tales of “body snatcher” like Burke & Hare, tells of a group of people guarding a corpse [10]
21 to ? Sons of Britannia Battle of Vittoria [11]

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