A Fistful Of...4-Skins

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A Fistful of...4-Skins
Studio album by The 4-Skins
Released 1983
Recorded Alaska Studios, London
Genre Punk rock, Oi!
Length 45:37
51:28 (1993 CD reissue)
Label Syndicate
Producer Ian O'Higgins
The 4-Skins chronology
The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins
A Fistful Of...4-Skins
From Chaos to 1984

A Fistful of...4-Skins is the second studio album by English punk rock/Oi! band, The 4-Skins, released in 1983 by Syndicate Records. In comparison to The 4-Skins' previous material, "A Fistful Of...4-Skins" featured a slower, heavier, more melodic, hard rock-based sound.

Less successful than its predecessor, the album charted outside the Top 30 on the UK independent chart. The band members claimed that this was due to chart manipulation.[1] The album was later combined with debut LP, The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins (omitting the track "One Law for Them" from that album due to space limitations) and released on a single CD by Link Records in 1987 as A Few 4-Skins More, Vol.1.

Following the breakup of the line-up that recorded the band's previous album, The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins, Hoxton Tom McCourt had assembled a new line-up (the fourth overall) including former The Last Resort singer Roi Pearce, and future Skrewdriver guitarist, Paul Swain.

Track listing[edit]

Source: Amazon[2]

All tracks written by McCourt/Pearce/Bransom/Swain.

No. Title Length
1. "5 More Years" 3:20
2. "Waiting For A Friend" 3:36
3. "Johnny Go Home" 2:59
4. "The Gambler" 3:30
5. "I'll Stick To My Guns" 2:53
6. "On File" 3:57
7. "Forgotten Hero" 4:01
8. "The Spy From Alaska" 2:57
9. "H.M.P." 3:10
10. "No Excuse" 3:33
11. "Betrayed" 3:40
12. "City Boy" 3:51
13. "New War" 4:10
CD reissue bonus tracks
No. Title Length
14. "On The Streets" 2:46
15. "Saturday" (Demo) 3:05


  • Roi Pearce – lead vocals
  • Hoxton Tom McCourt – bass guitar, lead vocal on "New War"
  • Ian Bransom – drums
  • Paul Swain – guitar
  • Keith Bollock Brother – backing vocals
  • Neil Barker – backing vocals


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