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阿鸽; Hanyu Pinyin: Ā Gē
Born1948 (age 70–71)
EducationChina Artists Association
Known forart
Spouse(s)Xu Kuang

A Ge (Simplified Chinese: 阿鸽; Hanyu Pinyin: Ā Gē) (born 1948) is a Chinese print artist from Liangshan in Sichuan Province and is a member of the Yi people ethnic minority.


Per government policy towards ethnic minorities, A Ge was recruited at age twelve to attend the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and was encouraged to create art to publicize Yi minority culture and help development.[1]

In 1964 she graduated from the national minority class at the Sichuan branch of the China Artists Association.[2] She is married to Xu Kuang.


A Ge is a Grade 1 National Artist, a member of the China Artists Association and the Chinese Engravers Association, and is chairman of the Sichuan Artists Association.[3][4] Her works have been collected by the British Museum in London.[5]


Selected works:

  • 《阿鸽版画》 (Prints of A Ge)
  • 《四川少数民族画家画库·阿鸽》 (Sichuan Minority Artists Gallery - A Ge, 1995)
  • 《阿鸽作品集》(Collection of A Ge's Artwork - A Ge, 2010 Sichuan Art Publishers)


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