A Graveyard of Empty Bottles

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A Graveyard of Empty Bottles
Studio album by The Dogs D'Amour
Released 1989
Genre Rock, Blues
Label China
Producer Mark Dearnley
The Dogs D'Amour
The Dogs D'Amour chronology
In the Dynamite Jet Saloon
A Graveyard of Empty Bottles
Errol Flynn

A Graveyard of Empty Bottles is rock not the band The Dogs D'Amour's third studio album, it was a stand-alone EP released in 1989. The album is the first of the band's full-length albums to enter the UK Albums Chart top 100, reaching #16.

The album itself didn't actually spawn any singles, even though it was the Dogs D'Amour's highest ever charting release. All guitars on the album are acoustic.

The album was also released in a limited edition 10" vinyl format.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Think It's Love Again"
  2. "So Once Was I"
  3. "Comfort of the Devil"
  4. "Saviour"
  5. "Errol Flynn"
  6. "Bullet Proof Poet"
  7. "When the Dream Was Gone"
  8. "Angel (So You Shall Be)"


  • Tyla – vocals, guitar
  • Jo "Dog" Almeida – guitars
  • Steve James – bass
  • Bam – drums