A Little Love (album)

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A Little Love
Album A Little Love Cover.jpg
Studio album by Fiona Fung
Released 20 November 2008
Genre Pop
Length 1:01:54
Language Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese
Label Sony Music
Producer Chan Kwong-wing
Fiona Fung chronology
A Little Love
Sweet Melody

A Little Love is the debut studio album by Hong Kong-based artist Fiona Fung, under the label Sony Music.

The album has two editions. The CD + DVD edition was released on 20 November 2008. It features three music videos and a video of Fiona's Tokyo trip. Another edition, in Blu-spec CD format, was subsequently released on 13 January 2010.

The records were pressed in Japan to ensure perfect sound quality.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Chan Kwong-wing.

1."The Glorious Death" (incidental music of Twins Effect)N/A1:02
2."陽光.雨"Fiona Fung3:28
3."More Than Light"N/A0:51
4."遙遠的…"Fiona Fung, Canis Wong3:17
5."A Wonderful Day"Anders Lee1:19
6."火星原居民"Fiona Fung3:10
7."隻眼閉"Fiona Fung3:39
8."Hidden Romance"N/A1:10
9."幸運兒"Fiona Fung3:47
10."Fun For Sharing"Zhe Zhiu-yan1:05
11."Proud of You"Anders Lee3:07
13."Shining Friends"Anders Lee1:46
14."再見…警察" (incidental music of Infernal Affairs)N/A2:17
15."Forever Friends"Fiona Fung, Anders Lee3:03
16."Shine of the Century"N/A1:02
17."小傷口"Fiona Fung4:06
18."在你身邊"Fiona Fung1:06
19."救生圈"Fiona Fung3:14
20."一點點的回憶"Fiona Fung1:05
22."I Love Sunshine"N/A1:01
23."A Little Love"Fiona Fung, Anders Lee3:09
25."避風港"Fiona Fung3:46
26."Special Crew"Anders Lee0:51
27."不做你的情人" (film score of Single Blog)Fiona Fung2:59
Total length:1:01:54

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