A Loyal Character Dancer

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A Loyal Character Dancer
Hardcover of A Loyal Character Dancer by Qiu Xiaolong.jpg
2003 Hardcover
Author Qiu Xiaolong
Country United States
Language English
Genre Mystery
Publisher Soho Press
Publication date
2002 September 30
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 360 pp
ISBN 1-56947-301-3
OCLC 49805501
813/.6 21
LC Class PS3553.H537 L69 2002
Preceded by Death of a Red Heroine
Followed by When Red Is Black

A Loyal Character Dancer is a book by Qiu Xiaolong. The book features Chief Inspector Chen Cao and his friend/sidekick Detective Yu. It was published in 2002.

Plot summary[edit]

One morning in the park by the Bund, Chief Inspector Chen finds a dead body with precisely 18 axe wounds. He decides to take up the case - however, he is also ordered to escort a U.S. Marshal (Catherine Rohn) and assist her with her investigation. In this case, it means going to look for the wife of a witness in a human-smuggling investigation who will not talk unless his wife is with him. Things are complicated by the fact that the woman has gone missing.