A Raccoons Lunch

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A Raccoons Lunch
A Raccoons Lunch .jpg
Studio album by Joe 90
Released September 2000
Recorded 1996-1999 Los Angeles
Genre Alternative rock, dream pop
Length 48:16
Label Silver Sky
Digital Pressure
Producer Chris Seefried
Adam Hamilton
Joe 90 chronology
Dream This
A Raccoons Lunch

A Raccoons Lunch was a compilation by Joe 90 of demos from the bands inception, unreleased masters and songs recorded for movies. The album includes "When You Arrive" from the movie soundtrack album Boys and Girls and Laura Nyro cover "And When I Die", which is the end title from the 2000 New Line Cinema movie Final Destination. The record was released to support the 2000 tour, before going back into the studio to record the follow-up to Dream This. That record remains unreleased.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Chris Seefried, Adam Hamilton, unless noted.

A Raccoons Lunch
No. Title Length
1. "Blurred" 4:26
2. "Cars Go By" 4:58
3. "Speak" 4:07
4. "Gone" 4:32
5. "Truth" (Seefried) 4:32
6. "Hide" (Seefried) 3:41
7. "Slow" (Seefried) 3:27
8. "Stop" 5:02
9. "Make Up Your Mind" 4:55
10. "Angels Got Away" (Seefried) 5:02
11. "When You Arrive" (Seefried) 3:31
12. "And When I Die" (Laura Nyro) 3:57


  • Chris Seefried – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar, percussion, samples, drums (on "Gone"),
  • Gary DeRosa – piano, casio, wurlitzer, percussion, background vocals, guitar (on "Gone")
  • Craig Ruda – bass
  • Adam Hamilton – drums, electric guitar, keyboards, loops

Additional personnel[edit]

  • Jim Wirt – production, mixing
  • Robert Hawes – mixing, engineering
  • Jeffrey Bender – photography
  • Peter Reitzfeld – photography
  • Patrik Giordino – photography