River Made to Drown In

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River made to Drown In
DVD cover
Directed byJames Meredino
credited as:
Alan Smithee
Written byPaul Marius
StarringMichael Imperioli
Richard Chamberlain
Ute Lemper
James Duval
Austin Pendleton
CinematographyThomas L. Callaway
Edited byEsther P. Russell
Distributed byPicture This! Entertainment
Release date
Running time
98 minutes
CountryUnited States

River Made to Drown In is a 1997 drama film starring Michael Imperioli, Richard Chamberlain,[1] Ute Lemper and James Duval. Though directed by James Merendino, Merendino had his name removed,[2] and the film is credited to Alan Smithee.[3] River Made to Drown In failed to secure US domestic theatrical distribution, but was released on DVD and has appeared on here! television.

Plot summary[edit]

Allen (Imperioli) is a struggling artist who had formerly worked as a street hustler. He has left that life behind and is involved with Eva (Lemper) his art dealer. His life is upset by the arrival of Thaddeus (Chamberlain), a wealthy lawyer near death from AIDS. Allen had for a time been Thaddeus's "kept boy" and Thaddeus has come to Allen to die. Before he dies, however, he wants Allen to help him find Jaime (Duval), another young hustler who had taken Allen's place with Thaddeus. Thaddeus is worried that he's infected Jaime with HIV and says he wants to care for him financially.

The film follows Allen's efforts to fulfil Thaddeus's final wishes while struggling to maintain his relationship with Eva and avoid the temptation of being drawn back into his former life on the streets.


DVD release[edit]

River Made to Drown In was released on Region 1 DVD on July 1, 2003.


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