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Aaron Fogel (born 1947 New York City) is an American poet.


He was raised in New York City.[1] He graduated from Columbia University, Cambridge University, and Columbia University, with a Ph.D., Fogel has been on the faculty at Boston University since 1978.[2]

His work has appeared in AGNI,[3] American Poet, Boulevard, Matrix, No, Pequod, The Stud Duck.






A couple of years ago--would it have been 1995 or ‘96?--carelessly flipping through The Best American Poetry, 1995 (an anthology that, to its editor, Richard Howard’s credit, was full of poets a lot of people hadn’t heard of) I was stopped dead in my tracks by a truly wondrous poem: "The Printer’s Error" by Aaron Fogel. It was deceptively simple, direct, moving and thoroughly astounding, full of political, religious and cultural truth. Who (I asked myself and everyone else who might conceivably know) was this Aaron Fogel?[5]