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Abbasabad or Abbas Abad (Persian: عباس آباد‎‎) may refer to:



Alborz Province[edit]

Ardabil Province[edit]

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province[edit]

East Azerbaijan Province[edit]

Fars Province[edit]

Gilan Province[edit]

Golestan Province[edit]

Hamadan Province[edit]

Hormozgan Province[edit]

Ilam Province[edit]

Isfahan Province[edit]

Kerman Province[edit]

Anar County[edit]

Anbarabad County[edit]

Arzuiyeh County[edit]

Baft County[edit]

Bardsir County[edit]

Fahraj County[edit]

Faryab County[edit]

Jiroft County[edit]

Kerman County[edit]

Kuhbanan County[edit]

Manujan County[edit]

Narmashir County[edit]

Qaleh Ganj County[edit]

Rafsanjan County[edit]

Ravar County[edit]

Rigan County[edit]

Rudbar-e Jonubi County[edit]

Shahr-e Babak County[edit]

Sirjan County[edit]

Zarand County[edit]

Kermanshah Province[edit]

Khuzestan Province[edit]

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province[edit]

Kurdistan Province[edit]

Lorestan Province[edit]

Markazi Province[edit]

Mazandaran Province[edit]

North Khorasan Province[edit]

Qazvin Province[edit]

Qom Province[edit]

Razavi Khorasan Province[edit]

Semnan Province[edit]

Sistan and Baluchestan Province[edit]

South Khorasan Province[edit]

Tehran Province[edit]

West Azerbaijan Province[edit]

Yazd Province[edit]

Zanjan Province[edit]

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