Abbotts Creek (North Carolina)

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For the Township of Abbotts Creek, North Carolina, see Abbotts Creek Township, Forsyth County, North Carolina
Abbotts Creek section of High Rock Lake North Carolina

Abbotts Creek starts in Kernersville, NC in Forsyth County and becomes High Rock Lake near Lexington, NC in Davidson County just north of Hwy 47. The section of High Rock Lake that is officially Abbotts Creeks ends near the Hwy 8 causeway, in Southmont, NC.

The median flow at Lexington ranges from 50 to 200 cubic feet per second.[1] While it only provides a relatively small amount of water that enters the lake, it provides a significant fraction of the total surface area of the lake and hosts a large community of lake front homes, as well as provides significant habitat for fish and wildlife. The upper sections of the lake at Abbotts Creek do not have lake front properties and are considered prime area for sports fishing, particularly largemouth bass and catfish.

The lake, up to the high water mark is under the control of Alcoa and is managed under contract granted by the US government.


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