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Abegweit is a Mi'kmaq First Nations band government on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Abegweit First Nation is a small Mi’kmaq band that was established in 1972. Abegweit is a custom band that is governed by 1 Chief and 2 Councillors that are elected every 4 years. The political term of office is 4 years and the Council is made up of 1 Chief and 2 Councillors. Its population numbers for the three communities as of 2015 were 209 people on reserve and 100 off-reserve.

The name Abegweit is the widely known Anglicization of Epekwitk, the original word taken from the Míkmaq language for Prince Edward Island.

The Abegweit First Nation comprises three reserves:

The Abegweit First Nation is headquartered at Scotchfort, known as Skaqmk. This is the location of a historic Míkmaq portage route connecting Mimtugaak (on the Hillsborough River) to Kadotpichk (on Savage Harbour).

The 140 acre (54.6 hectare) Scotchfort Reserve 4 was created in 1879 and like all reserves on Prince Edward Island, was administered as part of the Lennox Island First Nation until separating in 1972. The Abegweit First Nation amalgamated the three reserves in the eastern part of the province in the 1990s.

Abegweit First Nation owns and operates a number of businesses, including Ultramar Epekwitk Gas Bar, a Robin's Donuts franchise, Red Stone Truck & Marine, and a commercial fishing fleet. Abegweit First Nation also houses Abegweit Biodiversity and Enhancement Hatchery, Abegweit Conservation Society, Abegweit Band Charities Inc and most recently, Epekwitk Gardens & Preserves.

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