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Abigail (film).jpg
Teaser poster
Directed byAleksandr Boguslavsky
Produced byYevgeny Melentyev
Viktor Denisyuk
Aleksandr Kurinsky
Vladimir Denisyuk
Natalya Frolova
Written byDmitry Zhigalov
Aleksandr Boguslavsky
Aleksey Slushchev
Ilya Ipatov
Music byRyan Otter
CinematographyEduard Moshkovich
Yuriy Nikogosov
Yuriy Korobeynikov
Edited byArtemy Shevchenko
Andrey Anaykin
KinoDanz (KD Studios)
Distributed by20th Century Fox CIS
Release date
  • August 22, 2019 (2019-08-22) (Russia)
  • August 23, 2019 (2019-08-23) (Other countries)
Running time
110 minutes
LanguageRussian, English
Budget600 million rubles
Box office103.14 million rubles

Abigail (Russian: Эбигейл) is a 2019 Russian steampunk fantasy adventure film directed by Aleksandr Boguslavsky, and co-produced by Viktor Denisyuk and Yevgeny Melentyev, the company KinoDanz. The film stars Tinatin Dalakishvili as Abigail Foster, with Gleb Bochkov, Rinal Mukhametov, Artyom Tkachenko, and Ravshana Kurkova.[1][2][3]

The final set of filming is scheduled for autumn 2017 and will be held in Tallinn. The old center will be transformed into Fensington thanks to the magical world and the decorators, who are guided by the aesthetics of the 30-ies of the last century and the steampunk fashion.

Abigail was theatrically released in Russia on August 22, 2019 by 20th Century Fox CIS.


Abigail is a young girl living in a town which, many years earlier, experienced an epidemic of a mysterious illness and was subsequently sealed off from the outside world by the government. One of those who fell ill was Abby’s father, taken away when she was six years old. While searching for her father, Abby finds out that the epidemic never actually occurred; it was all a huge deceit. In fact, she lives in a world of magic. Her city has been seized by users of dark magic, who wiped out all other sorcerers, banned magic, and attempted to erase all traces of its existence.

The epidemic was a cover employed to "cleanse" the city of Magi. For many years, the Special Department has continued to snatch anyone who appear to have magical powers, deeming them "infected." Most of the inhabitants have no idea that the city’s rulers are not their protectors, but their prison wardens.

One day, Abby discovers that magical powers are stirring inside her. This scares her, but however hard she tries to suppress it the magic grows within her, and agents from the Special Department begin to hunt her down. She must flee from her home and begin a journey full of adventure and danger. This journey completely transforms her perceptions about magic and the world in which she lives.




Shooting took place in Saint Petersburg, Gatchina, Moscow and in the historical part of Tallinn, Estonia. The images of the fantasy city were created on the basis of ancient buildings and narrow streets of Tallinn and Saint Petersburg, and finalized with the help of computer graphics.

Principal photography was completed in Tallinn, transformed into the streets of the fictional city Fensington, in which, according to the plot, fairy tale events take place.

Filmmakers of Abigail have developed an original conception of magic and a stylistics of closed fantastic city that combines steampunk and atmosphere of the early 20th Century. There were created the unique images of the suits of city residents, rebels and their enemies - inspectors of the Security Division.[4][5][6]


In many computer graphics, magical battles, flying airships, and even fully simulated magical characters and objects. Visual effects were created by VFX-studio Kinodanz.


The exclusive materials of the film were presented to the public at the pop culture festival Comic-Con Russia 2018, which was held in Moscow in early October. Most likely, in the near future, the creators will publish new promotional materials, which allow viewers to know the fantastic world, recreated on the screen.


On November 9, 2018 the first teaser-trailer was released.[7]


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