Aboriginal Curatorial Collective

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Aboriginal Curatorial Collective
Founded 2006
Type Arts Organization
Focus fine arts
Area served
Method professional development, advocacy
Website [1]

The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective is a Canadian-based fine arts organization that provides professional development opportunities to the Aboriginal peoples in Canada which include, the First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists and curators.


Established as a not-for-profit organization in 2006, the Collective's mandate is dedicated to increasing the public profile of Aboriginal art curators and their role in protecting, fostering and extending Aboriginal arts and culture throughout North America.

The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective supports its mandate through sponsorship of an annual conference and other professional networking opportunities, including lectures and exhibitions. Caucuses are the main instrument through which members participate in the direction of the ACC/CCA. Many of the central activities of the ACC/CCA will be determined by the priorities, participation and energy of caucuses. There is an extensive list of objects of the corporation. The establishment of caucuses by members around these objects will help determine their priority for ACC/CCA action. There are also other Aboriginal curatorial community issues that caucuses will address and that the ACC/CCA will put resources behind. Prominent First Nation artists who belong to the Collective include Robert Houle and Greg A. Hill (artist).

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