About the Blues

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About the Blues
Studio album by Julie London
Released 1957
Genre Traditional pop, jazz
Length 45:12
Label Liberty
Producer Bobby Troup
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About the Blues is an LP album by Julie London, released by Liberty Records under catalog numbers LRP-3043 (monaural) in 1957 and LST-7012 (stereophonic) in 1958. All of the songs in the album have "blues" in their titles.

The album was reissued, combined with London's 1958 album London by Night, on compact disc in 2001 by EMI. It was reissued in 2002 as a CD in its own right, with four extra tracks.

Track listing[edit]

Track number Title Songwriter(s) Time
1 "Basin Street Blues" Spencer Williams 3:03
2 "I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues" Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler 2:56
3 "A Nightingale Can Sing the Blues" Larry Marks, Dick Charles 3:08
4 "Get Set for the Blues" Joe Karnes 2:42
5 "Invitation to the Blues" Doris Fisher, Arthur Gershwin, Allan Roberts 2:48
6 "Bye Bye Blues" Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown, Chauncey Gray 1:38
7 "Meaning of the Blues" Bobby Troup, Leah Worth 2:56
8 "About the Blues" Arthur Hamilton 3:05
9 "Sunday Blues" Leonard Adelson, Jeff Clarkson 2:53
10 "The Blues Is All I Ever Had" Bobby Troup 2:49
11 "Blues in the Night" Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer 3:39
12 "Bouquet of Blues" Arthur Hamilton 2:55
13* "Baby, Baby All the Time" Bobby Troup 2:25
14* "Shadow Woman" Arthur Hamilton 2:39
15* "Meaning of the Blues" Bobby Troup, Leah Worth 2:58
16* "Dark" Edwin Greines 2:38

Tracks 13–16 are CD bonus tracks, not on the original LP.

  • Tracks 1–15* – Arranged and conducted by Russ Garcia; Track 16* – with the Spencer-Hagan Orchestra
  • Track 15* appears to be a Remastered version of Track 7.


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