Abu Syahid Shah

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Raja Sri Parameswara Dewa Shah
4th Sultan of Malacca
Reign Malacca Sultanate: 1444–1446
Predecessor Muhammad Shah of Malacca
Successor Muzaffar Shah of Malacca
Issue Muzaffar Shah of Malacca
Full name
Raja Sri Parameswara Dewa Ibrahim Shah
House Malacca Sultanate
Father Seri Maharaja
Religion Hinduism

Sultan Abu Syahid Shah, whose real name was Raja Ibrahim, was the 4th Sultan of Malacca from 1444 to 1446.[1]:246 Despite the fact that Malacca was a Muslim kingdom, Syahid Shah was a practising Hindu.He styled himself as Raja Sri Parameswara Dewa Shah. Appointment of Raja Ibrahim as 4th Sultan of Malacca was unpopular because he was too young and raw. His predecessor, Sultan Muhammad Shah had alleged a meeting with the Islamic prophet Muhammad and converted to Islam. Syahid Shah on taking a Hindu title represented a traditionalist reaction in Malacca against Islam, the new religion. He reigned for only seventeen months, after which he was murdered in a plot allegedly conspired by the Tamil Muslim Bendahara (Prime Minister), (Datuk Seri Nara Diraja Tun Ali), Raja Kassim, son of Muhammad Shah, Tun Perpatih Sedang and Datuk Bendahara Seri Amar Diraja. Syahid Shah was then given the title Abu Syahid which means the Martyred King.


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Abu Syahid Shah
House of Malacca
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Muhammad Shah
Sultan of Malacca
Succeeded by
Raja Kassim